During my Digital Concept Development studies at UCN, we received an assignment that revolved around the fundamental redesigning of Nordjylland's (Denmark) news giant, The Nordjyske Mediehus. Our job was to redefine the company's values so that they are more in line with the expectations of a younger target audience.
Project Nordjysek mobile isometric grid view

The new UI has been optimized for mobile devices as well (built by Dániel Varga)

We have decided to put our focus on a completely new look that would incorporate functions and features that serve an enriched user experience. By following modern UI and UX design trends and standards, the homepage of Norjyske has been pushed into the 21st century of news portals.
Featuring rounded corners, an implemented dark mode, and a completely modular tile-grid system, the new UI is intuitive, sleek, and free of visual clutter or inconsistencies. All while retaining the original company brand throughout the whole page.
Check out the prototype in Figma!

Figma Prototype with limited interactions

DISCLAIMER: This is a UCN study project

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